book cover of Dream Specter

Dream Specter

(Dream Shard)
(The second book in the Dream series)
A novel by

Dreams can often seem real, but waking up usually ends the illusion. From blurred images that hunt her mind, Roshelle pulls from her dreams the very definite presence of a dream specter. But Roshelle isn't a coward and won't be scared of a dream. She welcomes him so she can look her monster in the face. Only instead of a beast, she finds her soulmate. Jared Campbell's mind is trained to sharp perfection. He's careful to touch the mind, but not the memory, until Roshelle-she remembers him. As much as Jared's life doesn't allow for his growing interest, his emotions just won't heed the warning. Roshelle is addictive and he wants more than just a taste. The dream specter and the dreamer meet on a collision course to danger-physically and of the heart.