book cover of Alcandian Soul

Alcandian Soul

(The third book in the Alcandians series)
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Book 3 in the Alcandians series. History is written by the victors. Cole Somerton knows that rule by heart. Unable to return to Earth, he finds facing a future on Alcandar isn't anything to be worried about. Becoming a warrior only completes the path he'd set out on when he joined Special Forces back on Earth. But his connection with Earth isn't completely severed. There's one woman drawing him back across space, and this time he won't be able to leave Cassandra behind. She's returning to Alcandar despite her protests. When her world turns inside out, Cassandra has no one left to turn to. Cole, the subject of her erotic dreams, is the last person she wants to rescue her. But the brute isn't listening and she finds that her fortune isn't looking any brighter when she wakes up on Alcandar, about to be mated to not only Cole, but the dark and sexy Dyne as well. Between government conspiracies and race-fueled pride, passion still refuses to take sides. Love doesn't listen to dictates of cu