book cover of Alcandian Rage

Alcandian Rage

(The second book in the Alcandians series)
A novel by

Book 2 in the Alcandians series. Stranded on Earth by deception, Zeva has no intention of becoming the alien on display to her human captors. Escape isn't just a dream, it's a basic need of survival. Nothing and no one will stop her from breaking her own chains. Back on Alcandar, more than her home and family wait for her. There, when minds brush, details fall away from the reality of binding fever. And an initial mind brush with Zeva was all it took for Ravid and Keenan, the men who threaten her freedom once more, to know what she is desperate to avoid-she is their mate. But Earth isn't the only planet that harbors evil. Even on Alcandar, men of no honor threaten the perfection her fantasies promised. Evil can rip a life to shreds in mere seconds, leaving you reaching for the one thing you were certain you did not want. Freedom comes with a high price tag, and may cost Zeva the two men who are part of her soul. Ravid and Keenan are more than her mates-they hold her heart as well and she has no intention of letting anyone keep her away from them.

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