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Taking it All

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Jonathan Hunter finally has his woman. It's been a hard fight, but Joanna Hopkins is by his side, where she belongs. If only the battle were over. Alpha Corp wants both of them back. Jonathan and Joanna are top agents, trained to kill, invaluable to the covert agency that knows no international boundaries. Even more valuable to Alpha Corp is their son. And Alpha Corp won't give up without a fight. Even after Jonathan brings down Alpha Corp, destroying their computer system with a virulent virus, the remaining commanders seek to wipe out him and his family. What Alpha Corp doesn't realize is that the love Jonathan and Joanna have for each other is a stronger bond than any weapon can destroy. Jonathan won't stop until every remaining commander is destroyed or dead. He and Joanna are on a mission, and they are taking it all! Note: Taking It All follows on with characters and events from Issue of Trust. Although the stories can be read as stand alone, for reader enjoyment it is suggested that Issue of Trust be read prior to Taking It All.

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