book cover of Bent For His Will

Bent For His Will

A novel by

He loves a woman. But he also loves his best maybe he's not quite straight.
Logan Sawin and Will Pennington have been friends for years. They attend the same university and live together in a great loft apartment. Their friendship can withstand anything...except Renna Polo.
Logan has never questioned his sexuality until he sees Renna, his girlfriend in Will's arms. Will is gay. But what bothers Logan more, Will's hands on Renna...or Renna's hands on Will?
Will has a dirty little secret...he's in love with his best friend. Yet, Logan isn't gay and Will isn't willing to risk their friendship to discover if Logan isn't quite straight, but may be a little bent.
Renna is in love with Logan and is intrigued by Will. She accepts what Logan and Will can't...they belong together. But if Logan and Will take a chance on more, where does that leave her? Right where she wants to be...with Logan and the man he loves.

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