book cover of Sexual Studies, Volume 1

Sexual Studies, Volume 1

Watcher / Blindsided
(A book in the Sexual Studies series)
An omnibus of novels by

Watcher [Erotic Romantic Suspense] Jana Johnson is not interested in dating a younger man, even if it is the hot graduate student everyone has dubbed The Incredible Quinn. His good looks aside, he's just too young, and besides, she has worked hard to have a settled, orderly life. Jake Quinn does have an agenda. He wants to convince the gorgeous Dr. Johnson to give him just one chance. When the break comes, he takes it, and the results are beyond his wildest fantasies. The only trouble is the lady in question is still reluctant to date someone younger, and besides, he has an uneasy feeling that something else might be going on. In fact, he is certain there is someone watching them... ** Blindsided [Erotic Romantic Suspense] The inhospitable weather of Northern Wisconsin can be a welcome sanctuary... Dr. Kerin Burke is in a full panic, and in the process made a very bad judgment call. Still, the storm blowing in is the least of her problems. Help arrives, and it is the last thing she needs because instead of concentrating on how to solve her current problems, she's instantly involved with a man she barely knows. Tall, dark, and sexy is fine, but it doesn't do anything to stop her life unraveling like a loose thread. Jesse McCutcheon isn't interested in unwanted company. He comes to the woods to get away from life, not to see the darker side of it. But when he rescues a woman in a stranded car, his life takes a turn that makes him wonder why he's always been so afraid of commitment. She's what he has always wanted, but there is something else there, something dark and mysterious and she doesn't want to talk about it. Fine. He can be patient, but he knows this isn't going to go away. Whether she'll admit it or not, they've both been blindsided... ** A Siren Erotic Romance