Jailaa West

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Jailaa West grew up on the southside of Chicago. She fell hard for romance books in junior high school when she got her first book boyfriend. Aww, she remembers it like it was yesterday. That first kiss. When he swore his undying love. When they married in the epilogue. When it ended. Say what now? She quickly found another book boyfriend and then another and yet another. She’s been book-in-love quite a few times now and she loves it as much as the first time.
Now when she has no book boyfriend she writes one. Falls in love each time until the end and then writes another one. Her books, those she’s read and written, have carried her off and taken her away through good times and bad times. Losing her mom to cancer, getting divorced, struggling as a single mom of 3 equally addicted book lovers. Books have always given her a happy place; a heart full of hope, love and a light when the world seemed dark. She hopes to do the same for her readers.
She loves to hear from fans. You can meet Jailaa West by joining her facebook group Jai-laatte sweet steamy romance by Jailaa West.

Savage Security
   0.5. Submit (2020)
   1. Obey (2021)
   2. Control (2021)
   3. Lauren (2021)
   4. Yield (2021)
   5. Thalia (2021)
   6. Bound (2021)
   A Savage Christmas Wedding Novella (2022)
Skin Sins Tattoo Shop
   1. Cherishing Her (2021)
   2. Choosing Her (2021)
   3. Coveting Her (2021)
   4. Craving Her (2021)
   5. Completing Her (2022)
   6. Claiming Her (2022)
   More Craving Her (2022)
   Naughty Holidays (2021)