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Hello Stranger

A novel by

Hello, stranger…

When your eyes land on a complete stranger on the train, and the world around you stops.
When the stranger says hello, and your heart stops, too.
When the universe answers your prayers and he’s there, next day, on the train. A man so powerful - brooding with darkness and secrets.
I knew there was going to be more.
I wanted more.

When the stranger is reading one of your favourite novels, and you’re reading one of his.
When you’re in such a flutter that you drop your treasured bookmark, and the stranger returns it next day.
When you think the universe can’t be any kinder, but it truly delivers the jackpot of all jackpots and two opposite worlds collide, as though it was meant to be.

Only it could never be so easy, could it?

Goodbye stranger…
Hello, Dr Hall.

When fate turns to love,
And love turns to pain,
Hope is the saviour,
To live through the rain.

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