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(The second book in the Shadow Dwellers series)
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Book 2 in the Shadow Dweller series.After years of torment, Jennifer Beaumont found a lover who should've lasted an eternity. Instead she was forced to walk away, to betray her very heart in order to keep her love safe from her vengeful master, the vampire Mikhail. Brokenhearted, Jen struggles to rebuild her life and the unthinkable happens, throwing her back into the arms of the man she loved and betrayed.Conor MacNaughten has been alive for nine centuries and he's seduced thousands of women, but none captivated him as much as Jennifer - the one woman able to resist his sexual advances, the only woman he's ever loved. But her beautiful face hid a black heart and she cast him aside for another. Now, years later, a friend's life is on the line and Valentin asks him to work with the one woman he loathes in order to save another.The game begins with a kidnapping, bringing together two people who can't forgive or forget...