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Erika Wilde

A pseudonym used by Janelle Denison

Erika Wilde (aka Janelle Denison) is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 contemporary romances for multiple print publishers.

So, why the new pen name? 

As Janelle Denison Ive always written sexy books, but lately my writing has taken on more erotic elements that I wanted to keep separate for readers because not everyone likes their reading material on the spicier, kinkier side of romance.   However, please be assured that even as Erika Wilde, you will still get an emotionally layered story with characters youll care about and fall in love with.   That is always my goal, whether Im writing straight contemporary romances, or more erotically charged stories.

Currently, Im working on The Marriage Diaries and making sure that Dean and Jillian enjoy exploring the more erotic side to their marriage.  The series will be on-going, with no foreseeable ending as of right now, for as long as readers want to be voyeurs to Dean and Jillians sizzling new relationship.

Im also planning a spin-off series in the future, featuring the hot military men that work security for Dean at Noble and Associates.  Sign up to receive my newsletter for updates and news!
Marriage Diaries
1. The Awakening (2013)
5. The Invitation (2014)
6. The Capture (2014)
The Marriage Diaries, Volumes 1-4 (omnibus) (2016)
The Marriage Diaries: The Complete Collection (omnibus) (2018)
Marriage Diaries
The Marriage Diaries (omnibus) (2013)
Dirty Sexy (with Carly Phillips)
1. Dirty Sexy Saint (2016)
2. Dirty Sexy Inked (2016)
3. Dirty Sexy Cuffed (2016)
4. Dirty Sexy Sinner (2016)
The Dirty Sexy Series Box Set (omnibus) (2017)
Book Boyfriend (with Carly Phillips)
1. Big Shot (2017)
2. Faking It (2017)
3. Well Built (2017)
The Book Boyfriend Series (omnibus) (2018)
Vegas Heat
1. Game of Chance (2017)
2. Take a Chance (2017)
3. Last Chance (2017)
The Vegas Heat Series (omnibus) (2017)
Tall, Dark and Sexy
1. Tall, Dark and Charming (2018)
2. Tall, Dark and Irresistible (2018)
3. Tall, Dark and Tempting (2018)