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Mortal Melody

(The first book in the Dangerous Beauties series)
A novel by

A young woman is sent on a mission to deliver a volatile package to a reputed dark and powerful lord--only she proves to be the deadly one.
Susanna Holt has lost her father, and now finds herself at the mercy of a broodingly handsome and enigmatic man who isn't ordinary in the least. Lord Fairmoor is the very stuff of legend, and she needs him desperately to protect her. The infamous earl does much, much more than just keep her safe, and in his arms, she learns that paradise can exist in the middle of mortal danger...
Dare Weston wants a quiet life where his gift goes unnoticed. But, when tempted with the lovely Susanna, he finds his human failings overcome self-preservation, and he is lured by the song of passion, succumbing to that Mortal Melody... Genre: Historical / Paranormal [contains graphic sexual content and adult language]
Length: Novel (44,000 words)

5 Kisses, Recommended Read: "The descriptive language in Mortal Melody pulls you into the story so instead of reading it, you feel as if you're experiencing it. Emma Wildes has penned a story that is a heady combination of magic, intrigue, adventure, with a touch of Goth and a heavy dose of carnal sensuality. As Mortal Melody unfolds, layer by fascinating layer, the tension escalates until you're driven to find out the truth and unwilling to stop reading until the very last page. Masculine, powerful, yet tender heroes, engaging and personable heroines, warm, sexy love scenes and beautiful imagery characterize Ms. Wildes' stories. Mortal Melody possesses all of that and much more. I highly recommend this satisfying read." - Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

5 Stars/Hot: "Dangerous Beauties 1: Mortal Melody introduces some interesting and captivating lead characters, and pulls you along on a wonderfully rewarding journey. Ms. Wildes' writing style is seamless and evokes strong feelings from this fascinating tale.
Mortal Melody is a spellbinding tale that combines both historical and paranormal elements, with some mystery and magic wrapped around this intriguing and unforgettable story. The characters are captivating, the story absorbing, the dialogue sharp, with cleverly interwoven facts to make it believable, and steaming hot sex that highlights the growing bond between Susanna and Dare. Mortal Melody is a marvelous opening for what looks to be a most rewarding series. I'm looking forward to more of Ms. Wildes Dangerous Beauties series of books." - Aggie Tsirikas, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Flags: "Through enchanting descriptions of the forest, castle grounds and within, author Emma Wildes brings a sizzling historical romance with magical paranormal elements that will leave the reader breathless in Mortal Melody: Dangerous Beauties 1! With a mysterious story that also gives so much Gothic feelings, the reader will be unable to put Mortal Melody down until the very end. This reviewer hopes to see Merril's story in a future book and is anticipating any releases by this gifted author whose stories are ones that should not be missed by any reader of any genres. 'Paradise can exist in the middle of mortal danger' makes Mortal Melody an unforgettable story." - Cathie, Euro-Reviews