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The Merman

(A book in the Fables & Myths series)
A novel by

Is she just lonely or does Lady Cynthia Lucas really hear a phantom voice calling to her in the night? True, the Cornish coast is infamous for stories of the supernatural, but this seems different somehow... and so real. Or is this a game, waiting to drown her in watery empire where she would find a hollow-hung ocean green, and moss beds under the sea...and the virile lover who waits for her in a hazy, splendid dream? Prince Armand has no use for poetic words, but he does need a human bride. Destiny has stepped in and he is helpless against the rush of the tide. If he can pull off acting the gentleman and lure the lady into his arms--and the sea--the prophecy will be fulfilled and the merman will find his one true love... Sensuality Rating:STEAMY
Erotic Fairy Tale
Length: Novella (10,400 words)

4.5 Kisses: "Goodness, Armand is sexy! From the first scene to the last, he's absolutely captivating and dangerously delicious. Cynthia is equally delightful, making their pairing completely divine! The Merman is a fast, creative and very entertaining story. Emma Wildes continues to breathe new life into the Regency era with her unique voice, which is why I always find myself looking forward to her next release!" --Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

4.5 Hearts: "The Merman is an interesting and oh, so, sexy twist on the fairy tale versions I grew up with. Prince Armand is enigmatic and strange, but the locals excuse him because he is royalty, after all. He is honest with Cynthia about who he is and why he's come, but he speaks to everyone else in riddles. Prince Armand is doggedly determined to make Lady Cynthia his bride, even going so far as to court her within the normal human confines until Lord Lucas, Lady Cynthia's father, is convinced he will be a good husband and make her happy. Lady Cynthia is the Fates' chosen mate for Prince Armand and he is quite pleased with her innocent curiosity about his naked body and sex in general. She is also curious and open to new experiences, which makes her his perfect match. They are sexually compatible as proven by their very lusty and explicit encounter on the beach. The Merman is one very hot fairy tale. I enjoyed the story very much. My education could never be complete without it." --Karen H., The Romance Studio

"A sweet short story, The Merman instantly captures the reader's attention, dazzling with intriguing seduction as lusty tension quickly builds between the young couple. Ms. Wildes continues to pen superb characters that breathe life into her imaginative historical stories. Cynthia has loved the sea since a child, her father teaching her to swim out of fear she would drown. Adventurous and studious, she goes against appropriate female respectability, though traits Armand finds attractive. For two decades, he waits for the woman who is to become his mate. Now, Armand comes to the Cornish coastline to bring her home, to his underwater kingdom. First, he must tell of his world and the people she will live amongst, after he joins with her in the tradition of people. He hopes that she will believe his tale. The Merman charms and enchants, delivering an absorbing read." --Pamela, Romance at Heart