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(A book in the Fables & Myths series)
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Lady Brittany Trehune has a deep dark secret. She can read the past from simply touching an ancient relic. Being the daughter of a famous archeologist, her special talent comes in very handy. That is until she goes with her father to Crete on a special expedition. To uncover an unknown palace of the Minoan empire is a dream come true. Unfortunately, some dreams become nightmares... Adam Kinmont is exasperated by having a beautiful, proper English lady along as they excavate on a site that could be the making of his career. That is until he begins to realize that her claims of psychic abilities just might be true, and worse, that he just could be falling in love. The legend of the Minotaur is surely a myth, a fable passed down of a terrifying creature and the place it occupied where human sacrifice was the only way to appease the beast. But what if the legend is true? What if the mystery can only be solved in the depths of the Labyrinth itself? Sensuality Rating: SIZZLING
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Length: Novella (22,800 words)

REVIEWS for Labyrinth [An Adult Mythical Tale]

5 Angels: "Labyrinth by Emma Wildes is a fun romp through the past with a paranormal twist! I enjoyed the couple's education into the true facts of life; not everything has a rational explanation especially how two such different personalities could be so right for one another. Brittany also gets an education about the male anatomy and how lover's act in one of her visions. Luckily for Adam she wants to know more and he is just the man to teach her. Ms. Wildes does a wonderful job bringing the couple together in a sensual scene while remaining in the historical setting. Even though Labyrinth is a short story, Ms. Wildes is able to bring all the pieces together in such a way that the reader is not left hanging. Very well done, Ms. Wildes! I am looking forward to reading more books by this author." - Stephanie B., Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Flags: "Emma Wildes is in a class all her own. Each story is full of color and detail from the characters to the scenes. And it does help that she sets the sheets on fire in the bedroom... or where ever the mood strikes her characters. Again, she's put out a great read. I can't wait until the next one." - Melisa, Euro-Reviews