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In a Reckless Moment / Most Scandalous Position / Beautiful Assassin ]

(A book in the Brothers of the Absinthe Club series)
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Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Volume 2 * * * * * In a Reckless Moment: [Regency] Cassandra Rollins is innocent and sheltered. Ross Benson is quite the opposite. Though she knows better than to surrender to his persuasive charm, things just could not have gone more wrong in a reckless moment... * * * * * A Most Scandalous Position: [Regency] Colin Maxim knows it is his duty to take an injured young woman into his care, especially since he is the one who saved her life. What he doesn't count on is the mystery that surrounds Catherine, and very suddenly he finds himself immersed in both scandal and grave danger... * * * * * Beautiful Assassin: [Regency] It isn't enough that he is attacked by a furious young woman in the middle of the night, but someone is apparently out there using his identity. Jonas Maxim knows that besides his beautiful would be assassin, he has a vested interest in discovering the villain. If only he can stay alive long enough to find the blasted man... * * * * * 5 Hearts: "Fabulous!" The Romance Studio. 5 Angels: "Remarkably breathtaking." Fallen Angel Reviews. 5 Roses: "Superbly written." My Book Cravings. 5 Blue Ribbons: "Delightfully fun and wicked." Romance Junkies. 5 Stars: "Ms. Wildes did not miss a beat." Just Erotic Romance Reviews. 5 Kisses: "Enough heat to warm you on the coldest nights." Two Lips Reviews.