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Flushed With Shame

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Laci's diary is filled with racy spanking fantasies including rough punishment, sensuous spanking, wild sex, and - inspired by her promiscuous co-worker, Becky - a raunchy wet t-shirt contest where she bares all and earns a hard blistering paddling from her husband. In Laci's fantasy world, her husband is a sexual dominant who desires a completely submissive wife. That's a far cry from the relationship she now has with her husband, Michael. If only she knew that while she dreams of a more dominant husband, Michael is yearning for the submissive wife he needs in order to express his own hidden and very Dominant desires. Little by little, as Laci's secret confessions turn her on, her inhibitions fall away. Inspired by her new openness, Michael arranges for his good friend Diane to seduce his wife, and she stumbles on bisexual desires she never knew she had. It's not long before Michael has her screwing him in front of Diane and her husband Dave. But while their sex life is hotter than ever, there is still that crucial piece missing. As now, as Laci's fantasies rage out of control, she writes about her husband auctioning her off to strangers. In desperation, she shares her diary with Diane, who sets in motion a plan for Laci to have sexually graphic photographs taken of her that she'll share with Michael. When the nervous Laci presents 'the shocking gift' to Michael, it looks as if Laci's long-awaited dreams of punishment are going to finally come true. Incensed that his wife has gone behind his back, Michael quickly bares his wife's naughty behind and confesses a thing or two about himself in a graphic way she'll never forget! Their entire marriage is about to be turned on its heel as Laci opens her diary and confesses all to her astounded, but very pleased husband.

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