book cover of Taming of the Rake

Taming of the Rake

(The fourth book in the Gentleman Courtesans series)
A novel by

David Graham loves women—so much that being a gentleman courtesan is more pleasure than business. Having newly inherited a failing country estate, the income to be earned pleasing wealthy women doesn’t hurt matters. When a new, lucrative contract is offered to him, David is happy to take on a new client … until he finds out what she really wants from him.
Widowed and alone, Regina Hurst has no desire to engage in a passionate affair. Finally free and independent from the tyrannical rule of her late husband, she only wants what he could never give her—a child. Hiring a professional courtesan seems like the best way of achieving her aims, but she never expects an arrangement of convenience to blossom into something more.
David sees Regina as frigid and severe, but more time spent in her company reveals a dark and hidden pain. The more she resists the spark of attraction between them, the more he strives to earn her trust and affection. Attachment is against the rules of conduct for a gentleman courtesan, but David is helpless to fight his burgeoning feelings.
When their time together ends, will he walk away substantially wealthier, putting Regina behind him forever? Or, will he take a chance on turning a mercenary arrangement into something that will last forever?

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