book cover of Monster Girl Inn II

Monster Girl Inn II

(The second book in the Monster Girl Inn series)
A novel by

When he went into the Hinterlands seeking the companionship of beautiful monster girls, Victor assumed that his life would change to some degree. But not this much.

Though it's hardly been a few weeks since he found Fiona the beautiful snake girl and Jezzy the seductive succubus and learned of their plan to fix up an old inn to try and help bridge the gap between the various races, it feels like months have passed. And now he finds himself in a loving and intensely intimate relationship with both women.

It's getting more complicated, though. Nyx, an eight foot, five hundred year old dragoness with a lot of confidence and a deep interest in human men just like him flies into his life. While getting used to having her attention, he needs to keep their plan going. The Hinter is dangerous, and if they're ever going to get this inn off the ground, they need to make it a bit safer and deal with some of the threats around the area, like the undead that keep wandering in. Only it won't be that easy, because it never is in the life of an adventurer.

MONSTER GIRL INN contains fun adventure, trusting relationships, and monster girls.

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