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Every Breath You Take

A novel by

Genre: Paranormal; Multicultural; Inspired by the 80s

Derrick Evans has endured many things in the past two years, but watching from heaven while his wife becomes engaged to his murderer is more than he can take. Derrick makes a deal to go back to Earth to wrest his woman and their children out of the hands of a madman. There is a catch though. Isn't there always? When he returns, he returns as not himself, but as Matt Collins... a white man. Not only that, but Derrick has to make amends with the people he's hurt, in order to redeem his soul, or he'll have to forfeit his chance to win Brandi back.

Brandi Evans is torn. She's engaged to a wonderful man, or so she thinks, but she doesn't love him. To add to her complications, she finds herself strongly attracted to her son's friend's father, Matt Collins. She can't explain the undeniable attraction she feels towards him, or the way her body goes up in flames whenever he is near. He seems so familiar to her, but she can't figure out why.

As she gives in to the forbidden passion of his touch, someone will stop at nothing to insure that their love is destroyed... forever.