book cover of Taken By The Team

Taken By The Team

Humiliation And Gangbang Fantasies Fulfilled
A collection of stories by

High powered defence attorney Tina Lexus is always in control. She is often referred to as "the bitch in heels" for her no nonsense, no bullshit attitude both in the courtroom and in her personal life. But something has been missing for her sexually. When she stumbles across a website featuring women being humiliated and gangbanged in simulated group rape situations she feels a stirring within her. Could being dominated and forced to submit to the whims of a group of strangers really fill the sexual void she's been feeling? Could she give up complete control and allow a dozen muscular hockey players to use her body to fulfill their own deviant desires and in turn satisfy hers?

Story Length: Approx 10,500 words

****Warning: This book contains explicit Language and sexual situations that some may find offensive. Mean for adults aged 18+****

IMPORTANT: (Note from Terry Towers) I want to take a moment to stress that this is NOT my usual type of story which is usually an erotic romance m/f type of story. This is very graphic and is much more hardcore than my other work, hence the co-author Nikki Nexus. So please, if you are a fan of my taboo romantic erotica but do not enjoy darker, harder BDSM works think twice about buying this book. While it does have a little plot twist and I feel more character development than most books of its kind, it is primarily dark erotica.

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