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Torrid Hunger

(The fourth book in the Twilight's Possession series)
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Book 4 in the Twilight's Possession series.Two vampires, dominant, dangerous, darkly seductive. And one woman who holds the key to sweet, luscious life for both.Kaden, king of the Sons of the Twilight, possesses more power than most men could imagine, yet is imprisoned by his position and a crushing burden of guilt. Pierce, the strong dominant who can make submissives weep with pleasure, but is constantly reaching for the one thing that lies just beyond his grasp--Kaden. Pulling them together is The Hunger, a yearly ritual that drives the Sons to seek out a mortal woman for the blood-bond. Both men burn with a relentless need to sate all their appetites - for blood... and sex... and for each other.When the search for a cure for a friend's mysterious ailment brings Eden to Kaden's door, a deal is struck - seven days and nights of dark, sexual pleasure with Kaden and Pierce in exchange for the rare drug. But unbreakable threads of emotion tie them tighter together. And when it's over, none of them will be the same.