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Willow the Wisp

A novel by

The aliens are coming -- to rural Romania!

Cristian is bored with life in the village. He wants to make a name for himself as a big city architect. But when he decides to cut down the lakeside wood to make way for luxury holiday cottages, Salcie is forced to act.

Salcie has always been in love with Cristian. She knows he is ideally suited to be her life partner -- big, strong, good-natured and sexy as hell -- but he doesn't think of her as a lover. No wonder: she's the willow tree at the bottom of his garden.

Achieving pollisexation in the nick of time, Salcie sets out to draw the woodcutters away from the trees. Fortunately, she knows just how to distract Cristian from everything except her delicious new fluffy body. However, trouble really starts when the young trees begin to shift too, and pursue revenge against their would-be murderer, Cristian...