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Rogue Warriors

A collection of stories by

A new war rages on Earth, and growing numbers of Dome City humans blame their immortal allies, the mysterious Dragul.

Rebel: Jake Lindow is a rebel with a cause -- leading the band of outlaws who harry the Ministry in pursuit of peace, freedom and the end of Dragul domination. Kidnapping the beautiful Dragul, Crina, is part of Jake's plan; falling in love with her isn't.

Soldier: Deep in a civilian prison in the heart of Dome City lies prisoner of war Sergeant Tanya Blake -- the West's secret weapon. Sorin, a powerful Dragul mind-specialist, is called in to investigate the violent prisoner, whose abused mind needs all his skill to heal. Tanya is both attracted to Sorin's gorgeous, leather-clad body, yet repelled by the power of his mind as it invades hers. She's caught in the grip of desires that hover between sex and murder.

Queen: As world leaders gather for a peace conference, Gina, daughter of the Dragul king, has more personal goals -- a night of forbidden sensual pleasures before her political marriage to Sylvus, leader of the western Dragul. However, when Gina picks up not one, but two sexy human lovers, she risks security, world peace, and ultimately, her own heart.

By the time the conference ends, the world will have changed -- forever.