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Requiem For Rab

A novel by

Rab's dead but he won't lie down.

Lili's luck is on the upswing. Her acting career is taking off, she's home in Edinburgh to perform in a high profile Festival play, and romance is blossoming with her famous leading man. The last thing she wants or expects on her first night of passion in two years is her ex-husband looming over her new lover's shoulder, dripping blood on her pristine sheets.

Rab, self-confessed hedonist and computer geek, has always been a joker, but surely even he wouldn't go to this length to stop her getting laid - inventing a wild tale of being shot dead and having to track down his own body.

Then again, there's no logical explanation for why she's the only one who can see him. Why the police are knocking on her door. And why Rab is still the only man who drives her crazy, in bed and out.

All she knows is, it's all still there. The fun and the pain. The feelings that never really went away. She owes it to him to never stop looking - even though finding him could take him away for good...