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Desperate Hearts by Lani Aames Talley Robinson has returned to her hometown in Tennessee in the hopes of rekindling the flame that once burned for her childhood sweetheart Mitch. For years she has missed him, so she wants to give the relationship they'd once shared another try. But Talley soon finds herself forced into a dilemma: she must choose between the young man she'd loved as a girl and the older man she can't seem to walk away from. Playing his Game by Kit Tunstall Mya's loyalty to her fiance knows no bounds. Bobby's acting career has finally taken off, and the couple seems on top of the world. But Roarke, the man who controls Bobby's future, wants Mya. She is unwillingly drawn into his game of seduction, exchanging her body for Bobby's security. She soon realized Roarke isn't the ruthless man she had imagined. He's tender and eager to please her, more focused on tempting her rather than using her. She's torn between her loyalty to Bobby and the desire to give in to Roarke's seduction. Soon the line between lust and love begins to blur.

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