book cover of Lost and Found

Lost and Found

(The third book in the Salvatore Brotherhood MC series)
A novel by


I was shot two months ago and who I was died the moment the bullet entered my chest. Something dark opened inside me that day, swallowing me whole. I haven't been the same since--The darkness is too strong, too much to handle, and I don't know how much longer I can hold on.
When The Brotherhood needs my help getting close to Montgomery and his son, Logan, I think it's the perfect distraction. But when I get tragic news, I realize that my demons can't be ignored.


I tried to be there for her. I tried to help her, to pull her from that pit she was choosing to stay in. I thought asking her for help, giving her a purpose, would be the thing that would make her fight her demons. But it didn't do that. She pushed me away, made it impossible for me to help her.

One night, when she's fed up with her life, she drives away from the clubhouse, determined to die. I followed her and found her at a bridge, moments away from jumping. I saved her at the last second--But what happened afterward turned my entire world upside down. When I think she's safe, when I think she's finally mine, we're taken by Montgomery.

I'm injured and have to rely on the only person I have in the world. But with her so ready to die, will she even try to save us? Or will she give up, letting us go into the afterlife together?
This book contains material some readers might find upsetting.
Body/weight talk, drinking/smoking, attempted suicide, attempted/implied sexual assault, self-harming behaviors, talk of abortion/infertility, swearing, explicit sexual content, violence, gore.

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