book cover of The Oak Street Method: Wendy

The Oak Street Method: Wendy

(The first book in the Institute: Naughty Little Girls series)
A novel by

After she is caught loitering and taken into custody by the powerful corporation that all but runs her city, twenty-year-old Wendy Baskin is placed in a special program for wayward young women in need of reform. To ensure she receives the firm correction she needs, Wendy is sent to live with a couple who will act as her strict mommy and daddy during her stay with them.

When she is caught breaking the rules her assigned guardians have set for her, Wendy quickly finds herself blushing crimson as she is given a humiliating chastisement, but the embarrassment of having her bare bottom soundly spanked is nothing compared to the shame she feels when her new mommy and daddy discover that she was deeply aroused by the punishment.

As a result of her wanton behavior, Wendy is stripped naked and thoroughly inspected by her guardians, then informed that she will require the kind of training only the Institute can provide.

Publisher's Note:The Oak Street Method: Wendy is a short story which is the first entry in the series The Institute: Naughty Little Girls. The books of this series share the same near-future setting as the books of The Institute Series, but they are stand-alone stories. The Oak Street Method: Wendy includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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