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By day, she's a mild-mannered stay at home mom, somewhat lovingly rearing her eight-year-old son—that fiendish destroyer of all things that can break, climber of all that has handles and eater only of things his mother has to buy at the drive-thru—The Moo. By night, however, 002 is a wild adventurer! She fights valiantly for truth, justice, and the right to look at half-naked men on romance novel covers without prejudice by puttering away desperately on her computer, quietly writing romance novels ranging from comedy to erotica to adventurous drama. She currently publishes with Samhain Publishing—but one never quite knows where she’ll turn up!— secure only in the knowledge that her secret life is safe from public knowledge...
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   1. All of You (2011)
   2. All or Nothing (2011)
   Test Me (2008)
     aka Elemental Forces
   Love Me Knots (2009)
   Shaken (2010)
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