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Turning Tricks

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Turning Tricks By Claire Thompson When Greg found the homeless, drug-addicted young woman, he appeared to be Ashley's savior. But the rescuer turned into a jailer, forcing Ashley into a life of prostitution and degradation. Any protest was met with brutal punishment and Ashley learned to retreat into herself, more lost than before he had found her. A romance novel at the supermarket counter gave Ashley a glimmer of hope that life could be different. When she met Andrew at her favorite bookstore, the romance of her beloved novels seemed to be offering itself in real life and finally gave her the courage to escape from a lifestyle that was ultimately destroying her. At her own insistence, Andrew slowly introduced Ashley to the erotic possibilities of romantic submission. Sexual servitude at the hands of a pimp is contrasted to the luscious, sensual intensity of a loving D/s lifestyle in this sometimes harrowing but ultimately romantic novel. With honesty and courage, together the lovers explore the passionate possibilities of a BDSM lifestyle. Ashley takes to heart the lessons of her beloved romance novels, drawing from them the universal message that in the end it is love which redeems us.

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