book cover of Taming Lia

Taming Lia

(The third book in the No Safeword series)
A novel by

No running away this time, Lia. Submit fully or there’s no deal.

Leather, tats, whips and chains. Lia prides herself on taking whatever the most exacting Doms can mete out. She adores masochistic play, but her last attempt to find true submission made her cut and run.

Beau, an experienced bondage Master, attends an invitation-only play party at The Enclave compound. His single scene with the feisty masochist, Lia, is beyond intense. When he’s offered the chance to step in where other Doms have failed, Beau is intrigued.

But is Lia really up for another intensive experience like the one she’s so recently failed? She’s got six days to find out.

Publisher’s Note: While the reading experience will be enhanced by reading the books in the No Safeword Series in order, this book can be read as a stand-alone.

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