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Submissive Dreams

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In Tracy in Chains, an unsatisfied wife discovers an online "master" who has the courage and power to guide her on an exploration of self that will end up splitting open her safe little world. As Tracy struggles with the guilt and confusion of a dying marriage, she also embarks on a potentially dangerous journey into sadomasochistic experimentation and sexual self-discovery. Ultimately, Tracy must find the courage not only to confront, but also to embrace her deepest sexual secrets and desires. In Julie's Submission, a young widow isolates herself in fantasies of long nights with her lost husband. But Julie's world is turned upside when an enigmatic young stranger named Bill enters her life. As Julie gets to know Bill, she begins to fall under the spell of this beguiling young man. Soon Julie finds herself enslaved in a world of sensual B&D, responding physically as she never has before. But she has doubts - about Bill's motives, about the secret world of sexual pleasure they share, and about what her own submission to it means.

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