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Shifter's Passion

A collection of stories by

Primal instincts are at play in these hot tales of feral passion and forbidden animal instincts. Don't miss these three complete novels from Charlene Teglia that will ravage your senses!

Animal Attraction
Chandra Walker has a secret hidden in her genes - she's a rare female werewolf. Now that her all-male pack has located her, it's her destiny to sample each man's pleasures and choose a mate from among them. But can she handle sharing herself with the entire pack?

Claimed by the Wolf
Alpha werewolf Kenrick is the leader of the Shadow Guardians brotherhood, and Sybil is a beautiful witch. When demons attack the world, the only way to increase the Shadow Guardians' power is through a decadent mating ritual. Now Sybil must save humanity by sharing herself with all five warriors: a dragon, a vampire, a werewolf, a demon and a dominant elf.

Wicked Hot
Edana is a succubus - a breathtakingly beautiful demon. No one can get close to her without being destroyed by her sex magic...until she meets immortal warriors Eli and Dal. Shared by two virile lovers and lost in a world of sensation, Edana begins to fall for them, jeopardizing her life...and her heart.

Kindle Editions

February 2016 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Shifter's Passion: A Shapeshifter Collection: Wicked Hot, Animal Attraction, and Claimed by the Wolf
Author(s): Charlene Teglia
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
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