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Dangerous Games

A novel by

Drake Trahern left the dangerous world of military secrets and betrayal to express his creative genius in software. The game, Wyvern's Quest, is an enormous commercial success, but it acts as a screen for his true purpose. His secret has been safely hidden in his desert lair, unsuspected, until his security is cracked by a lone intruder.Shy Melinda Palmer has been drawn into a world of dangerous games. Computer games. Spy games. And the most dangerous game of all, sexual surrender to a dominating male who will fulfill her every desire, if she dares to submit. Leaving her sensible shoes and prim clothes at the door, she enters into Drake's game, a game of sexual enlightenment that will forever change her.But the "danger" in the game comes from a most unexpected direction as Drake tries to guard his secrets and expose all of Melinda's.