book cover of The Starlight Chronicles, Volume 1

The Starlight Chronicles, Volume 1

Pale Stars in Her Eyes / The Covenant
(A book in the Starlight Chronicles series)
An omnibus of novels by

Pale Stars in Her Eyes [Erotic Sci-fi Romance/Multiple Sex Partners, Sharing] Jerra has been abducted and sentenced to a life of sexual servitude to three males. It doesn't matter that she had a life on earth, the superior species evolved from her own planet has other plans. Ran Kartel is a diplomat and he knows this expedition is dangerous. Never does he consider that a human female would stir not only his predictable lust but also his heart. "Spicy, sexy, and sensational! I loved this book. I gave it high scores all around. 5 Flags" -Euro-Reviews. *** The Covenant [Erotic Sci-fi Romance, Multiple Sex Partners, Menage a Trois, M/F/M] Two handsome males, a volatile situation, and one military regulation put Lieutenant Aspen Thorne in a very tenuous position. Under regulation 051, female personnel must provide their male counterparts with sexual access in situations of prolonged duress, so being put in quarantine with two very virile S-species males gives the word duty a whole new meaning. "An enthralling action adventure with a touching albeit unusual love story as well as the best sex I've read in some time. I was thoroughly and delightfully entertained. 5 Stars" --Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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