book cover of Secrets Volume 10

Secrets Volume 10

(The tenth book in the Secrets series)
A collection of stories by

Kathryn Anne Dubois -The Sacrifice

Lady Anastasia Bedovier is three days from taking her vows as a Nun. Before she denies her sensuality forever, she wants to experience pleasure. Count Maxwell, the infamous Lord of Pleasure, who is known for his mastery of dark, sexual secrets, is the perfect man to initiate her into erotic delight. But can they forget the intense passion that still inflames them?

To My Readers: The Sacrifice is truly my most naughty tale to date so be forewarned... 'Tis not for the faint of heart! But the wicked Count Maxwell made me do it. Caught under his wicked spell, I was compelled to write his story.

In my first story in Red Sage I invited you to enjoy the chase, in my second to enjoy the capture, and in this to enjoy the forbidden.

Dominique Sinclair - Private Eyes

When a mystery man captivates private investigator Nicolla Black during a stakeout, she discovers that her no-seduction rule is bending under the pressure of long denied passion. She agrees to an erotic seduction, but he demands her total surrender.

To My Readers: Come take my hand, allow me to lead you into private investigator Niccola Black's story, where passions are heightened by anonymity and she is thrust onto an erotic playing field with a powerful man she knows only as Gray...

Bonnie Hamre -The Ruination of Lady Jane

To avoid her upcoming marriage to a man more than twice her age, Lady Jane Ponsonby-Maitland flees straight into the arms of Havyn Attercliffe. When she begs him to ruin her rather than turn her over to her odious fiance, he can't refuse. But when their lust is sated, will the Lady now be willing to wed?

To My Readers: What a pleasure to be in the tenth collection with another Regency-era tale of passion and propriety. The dictionary defines ruination as "destruction achieved by wrecking something," but oh my, how splendidly satisfying when accomplished by an expert in the sensual arts. Enjoy!

Jeanie Cesarini - Code Name: Kiss

Agent Lily Justiss is on an official mission to defend her country against terrorists - -a mission that requires giving up her virginity as a sex slave. But as her master takes possession of her body, only desire for Seth Blackthorn, her commanding officer, fuels her mind. Now all Seth can think about is Lily's safety . . . and making his own.

To My Readers: With all the events unfolding in the world right now, I wanted a little hope that good will triumph in the end. That desire inspired my muse and brought Lily and Seth's story to life. Code Name: Kiss allows fantasy to thrive under some very tough conditions and proves love can grow even when people must make hard choices about what's most important in life... "Peace on earth and good will toward all men.

Paperback Editions

July 2004 : USA Paperback

Title: Secrets: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance, Vol. 10
Author(s): Dominique Sinclair, Bonnie Hamre, Jeanie Cesarini, Kathryn Anne Dubois
ISBN: 0-9754516-0-X / 978-0-9754516-0-1 (USA edition)
Publisher: Red Sage Pub Inc
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