book cover of The Heat of His Kiss

The Heat of His Kiss

(A book in the Romance on the Go series)
A Novella by

When Mandy Weaver witnesses her fae brethren Justin find his beloved and life mate, her own eternal time clock ticks down to the last seconds. She hasn't many moon cycles left before her choice to return to the heavens where she belongs is ripped away.

All because of a curse bestowed by Aphrodite and carried out by her son Eros. But Mandy can't settle for the first man who charms her out of her clothes. If it's not true love, she will be forced to live among the humans forever with an insatiable need for intimate contact every full moon.

To make matters worse, Eros - the god responsible for damning her kind to the moral world - wants her for his own. Can she resist the man who caused her exile or will she submit to his charms?

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