book cover of What Remains: Untainted

What Remains: Untainted

(The sixth book in the New Reality series)
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The apocalypse has passed. The dead have risen. But what remains... Colby, Darcy and Barrett are hardened soldiers with a new war. A deadly disease has decimated the human population, reducing it to small pockets of survivors who fight daily against the raging hordes of undead plaguing the planet. The three men are part of a recon mission, scouting locations where humans have been reported still alive amidst the dead. But after ten months of searching, they're ready to give up. Abby Brennigan has been surviving on her own for half a year, hiding out in an old abandoned control tower. She hasn't seen anything remotely alive in what feels like forever, until the three men stumble upon her hideout and into her heart. She'd promised herself she wouldn't get close again... wouldn't put herself through the torture of watching another person she cared about slowly fade until they turn into a monster straight off the pages of a horror novel. But the boys aren't taking no for an answer and as they face one test after another, the big question is - how long can they all remain untainted.