book cover of What Remains: Mutation

What Remains: Mutation

(Book 13 in the New Reality series)
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A new strain. A brand new war... Cogan MacKenzie, Sullivan Gates and Jake Gibson aren't your typical recon team. Firefighters in their previous lives, they lack the tactical presence the other teams have - a fact no one's willing to let them forget. But when they get the chance to go searching for another missing team, they don't let a lack of well wishes stop them. They just never counted on running into a woman fighting off a horde of undead. Or that she'd give them the answer to the one question that's been on everyone's mind. How the whole damn thing got started. But the knowledge reveals a deadly new development in their fight against those infected by the parasitic plague - a secret that could destroy what little remains. They've got one chance. One last shot at stopping the infection from spreading before there's nothing left worth saving.