book cover of Dreams of the Oasis III

Dreams of the Oasis III

(The third book in the Dreams of the Oasis series)
A collection of stories by

Interplanetary Survival Episode By Tielle St Clare When Katya's team in the latest interplanetary reality show falls behind, all she has to do is have sex with one of the planet's ruling catlike creatures in exchange for safe passage through a massive forest. Bach - leader of the forest dwellers - is huge, sexy and well-hung, but Katya doesn't like the idea of being sold. Bach doesn't understand why a delicious woman like Katya would sell herself so easily. The animal that lurks inside him craves this woman like no other but Bach draws on his human side and refuses to be a part of it. But Katya is determined to fulfill her part of the bargain. . .even if she has to seduce Bach to do it. Pleasuremaid By Cricket Starr Dina has no memory of who she is or why she landed in the prison garden of a nobleman - a nobleman with an unusual sexual problem. All she cares about is that she wants to be close to Gall and to help him. But as her memories return, Dina discovers she is more than she seems, and that there much more to her purpose in being with the prince than giving him mind-blowing sex. The problem is her knowledge may separate her from the man she's come to love. Priestess of Desire By Mary Winter One test to pass, and then Daphine will fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a priestess of Zudiat. To worship the goddess, she must lose her virginity to Prince Sethe Cavelblood in a sacred ritual, and then turn away from men forever. But one night isn't enough. Not for Daphine, who must soon take her vows, or for Sethe who has to find a suitable wife and start breeding heirs. The priestess burns for his touch, but can she turn aside from her calling to follow a prince who must marry another? Can the prince convince his father that it's time to join the royal line and the priestesses once more? Summer Lovin' By Shelley Munro Sophie Walker is on holiday in Australia when a hot and handsome cutey kisses her right in the middle of the Burleigh Bowls Club. The man fires slum

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