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(The eighth book in the Collective Season Two series)
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A story of the deepest love, tragic loss, and a chance for Redemption.


Our city is in flames.

Crooked cops and corrupt politicians rule the streets.

All it took was the murder of an innocent to ignite a firestorm and set two cities ablaze.

While our cities burn, I face the devastation on the streets, saving lives while my marriage falls apart. I once thought Patton and I could survive anything, but we're not coming out of this unscathed. We've lost too much and our love is stretched beyond the breaking point.

The choices I make aren't easy, but at the end of a long and brutal night, I'll see what remains of both my city and the love of the man I can't live without.


Overcome with grief, I walked away from the love of my life. Jen is on the streets, doing what she does best. She's saving lives while I watch the city burn.

But, when she goes missing in the middle of the riots, I can no longer ignore the truth. She's my wife. My love. She's my life. I'll do whatever it takes to find her and beg for forgiveness.

I'm not sure if I'm strong enough or worthy of such redemption, but I will bring my wife home.

Paperback Editions

January 2019 : Paperback

Title: Redemption
Author(s): Ellie Masters
ISBN: 1-79325-861-9 / 978-1-79325-861-8
Publisher: Independently published
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