book cover of Her Masters\' Hands

Her Masters' Hands

(The fifth book in the Captives of Pra'kir series)
A novel by

Liliana's last memory is of the terrifying crash landing. She and her shipmates tumbling and screaming, the ship breaking up... but they'd survived. At least she had. And her new masters promised the others had as well, even if she was not allowed to see them. Masters. How could a scientist from Earth submit herself to the control of a pair of aliens, no matter how much her body loved their touch and, humiliatingly, their punishments. Those big, hard hands give pleasure as quickly as pain.

Aman and Cain share a goal of finding the answer to the disease ravaging the Mekrons, yet another alien species. Not only for the aliens' sake, but because their malady shows signs of crossing into the local population. Aman is sure a botanical solution can be found. Cain is not so positive, but perhaps their fosterling's Earth science background can help. Once they have done their job and conditioned her to life on Pra'kir. A more stubborn female might never be found, nor a more enticing one. Can she ever be part of life in Endermere... part of their life?

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