book cover of A Baby for Pra\'kir

A Baby for Pra'kir

(The sixth book in the Captives of Pra'kir series)
A novel by

What happens when a Pra’kirean alien and an intelligent, stubborn human fall in love and produce the planet’s first baby?

When Blythe and her friends’ spaceship crashed into the shores of Endermere on planet Pra’kir, they found themselves placed into the planet’s fostering system. When Blythe was placed with Dr. Xan Breckett, she thought her life was over. She hadn’t anticipated that she’d be treated as a pet in his household, wearing a shock collar and a leash, eating and sleeping as a kitten. But she also hadn’t thought she’d grow to love being a treasured pet who was coddled and protected, one who had fallen completely in love with the large alien.

With Dr. Xan Breckett’s medical intervention, he makes a child from her cells and his sperm—a beautiful baby girl. As a new judge on the Council of Nine with a captive slave from Earth and a baby on the way, his life has finally come together. Now he spends his spare time caring for his cherished pet, exploring Masterful sexual activities, and preparing Blythe for motherhood. It is a duty that has ended up being more pleasurable than even he had anticipated.

But Xan and the other Masters have no idea that the women from Earth are orchestrating a meeting. Will it change all of their lives? What will be the end result of their devious plans? Will the careers of Rowth and Xan, both high-level government officials, be endangered? Most importantly, will it affect the surprisingly loving—and deeply sexual—relationships that have blossomed between captors and captives?

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