book cover of Infamous Trio

Infamous Trio

(Book 30 in the Black Light series)
A novel by

"Three is the magic number that started one of the hottest BDSM series out there, and every second with the trio is unforgettably hot!"

Taken from your wildest dreams, Livia Grant's 'infamous trio' brings you a decadently dirty fairy tale where you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough!

When Emma gets swept off her feet by two dominant male models, Jaxson and Chase, she's caught up in an infamous love affair that quickly turns into front page news. But choosing love, and each other, won't always be easy as the world closes in.

Grant weaves a brilliant story of dominance, submission, and just how complicated love can get when there's three hearts involved instead of two. Dive into the complete story of 'the trio' and follow their love story from the beginning!

Includes: Infamous Love, Complicated Love, and a brand new novella called Labor of Love!

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