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Deep Penetration

(The second book in the Alien Breeders series)
A novel by

There'd been a time when her people had looked upon theirs as gods and they'd expected nothing less than complete adoration and subservience. What began as a determination to bend her to their will, however, became a desperation to protect the woman who'd enthralled them from the consequences of her refusal to behave in a manner acceptable as a slave of the Anunnaki. The will to survive, Emerald discovered, wasn't enough in itself to help her comply with the Anunnaki's expectations of a slave/breeder, but she discovered they had methods of training that could buckle the strongest will and teach submission. In learning to submit to her new masters, though, Tariq and Koryn discovered that Emerald had taught them that it was a double edged sword that could enslave them just as completely. Rating: Carnal/Erotic Warning! This book contains graphic scenes of BDSM in which the heroine is being 'broken' to accept the status of sex slave/breeder! Forced seduction. Not for the faint hearted! Multiple heroes, rough sex, alien sex toys. Genre: Futuristic Romance.

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