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Mystery Lady

(The first book in the Back Home Harem series)
A novel by

One man proves you can come back home again…

Steve Erickson’s life is a mess. Five years ago, Steve moved his family west to build a thriving business. Where his business flourished, his marriage crumbled. But Steve and his beautiful buxom wife Angie, aren’t ready to throw in the towel. On the brink of divorce, the couple agrees on a wild plan. They want to move home where they first fell in love and left behind their old friends.

Eager to rekindle their old flame, Steve and Angie move home, bringing their son, Max, with them. There’s only one problem — their new house isn’t ready.

Steve’s lifelong best friend, multi-millionaire Jim Fields, and his
stunning blonde wife, Gretta, open their home to Steve and his family. When Steve arrives, he discovers paradise is exactly what it seems. Now it’s time to heal old wounds and restart old friendships.

But every relationship comes with temptations. For Steve, those temptations start and stop with
his best friend’s wife, Gretta, and their three drop-dead gorgeous, college-aged daughters. During a welcome home party, Steve reacquaints himself with bratty blonde Lillie and her sisters Jenna and Becca. Their brazen flirtations make Steve realize he’s treading deep water.

someone shows up in Steve’s bed in the middle of the night, that deep water threatens to pull him under. Is it his wife Angie who had a few too many cocktails during the welcome home party? Or is the mystery lady Gretta Fields who shares a secret past with Steve? Or is it one of her three daughters, each jockeying for a position to win Steve’s heart? It’s up to Steve to unravel that mystery one lady at a time.

With summer in full swing, the bikinis are on and the pool’s wide open. Can Steve resist temptation? Or will his marriage flame out?

Mystery Lady is the first installment in a three-part series that follows forty-two-year-old, Steve Erickson, as he comes back home to build his dream life, save his marriage, and maybe even build a harem along the way.

18+ Only!

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