book cover of Rock God 1

Rock God 1

(The first book in the Rock God series)
A Novella by

Part 1 of 5in a Harem Fantasy

It's Los Angeles in 93' and the music scene is going through a revolution. Out, are hair bands and disco, and in is grunge, punk, and garage bands.

Emerging from this incubator is our hero, a singular guitarist, and born front man, he will take his little garage band and soar to the industry’s greatest heights. Along the way, he avoids the pitfalls of many rock stars with the guiding hand of the
Woman of the House. Growing up in the 60s and 70s, she's fully aware there are no rules for rock stars, and the only way to keep one inline is with the help of friends...

This story contains harem scenarios, Teachers, Coeds, MILFs, Anal, FFM, FFFM, FFFFM, and More.

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