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Tempting Fate

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Sometimes Fate has it in for man, but in this sizzling anthology by four of today's hottest romance authors, passion has it in for the Fates! A Rogue Soul by Kara Fey: Tony had no idea that by defying death, he'd unravel the Fates perfect world and risk all mortal existence. But when beautiful Chloe shows up to end his life, this rogue is unable to resist seducing her. Once betrayed by mortal love, Chloe must decide if lust and forbidden pleasure are worth the risk not only to the humans she is cursed to protect, but to her heart. The Fate of Lachesis by Rena Marks: Chesis has no idea her careless daydreaming can get out of hand when an angry Aaron of Arcules comes knocking. It appears mortal women can't keep up with the luscious male, and it's all her fault. A small fix would be one night with a goddess, a taste of satisfaction to cure his insatiable lust. Unfortunately, Chesis has created the perfect man...for her. His desires rival her needs, and his looks were created from her very own fantasies. She decides to keep him hidden - until Death decides it's time to snip his thread. The hand of her own sister, Atropos. The Awakening by Kally Jo Surbeck: Atropos, the eldest sister of the Fates, has spent her life dedicated to duty and her calling--Death. She has dolled out life-sentences and end moments without so much as a blink of an eye. It is her job, to be impartial. Yet deep down in her soul she craves connection. Can Narcissus possibly be more than a devastatingly handsome man? Can she feel but not break? Can Attie find strength through love? Chasing Luck by Melissa Schroeder: Luck is the ficklest fate, choosing where and when to dispense her work. But she's tired of being the complete outlaw, running around the world, doing as she pleases. She wants to be a normal girl, as normal as a Fate can be, so she settles into a West Texas town, hoping for normalcy. What she found was Chase Franklin. Chase has something to hide, something he doesn't want discovered. To everyone in town, he's just the sheriff, keeping order on a Mayberry kind of town. But little does anyone know he is actually an immortal god who has been plotting his revenge for years. When Hera offers him a golden opportunity, he jumps at the chance. He just never thought he'd fall in love with his one and only chance.

Paperback Editions

March 2008 : USA Paperback

Title: Tempting Fate
Author(s): Kally Jo Surbeck, Melissa Schroeder, Kara Fey, Rena Marks
ISBN: 1-59426-598-4 / 978-1-59426-598-3 (USA edition)
Publisher: Phaze Books
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