book cover of Reaper


(The first book in the Soul Snatchers MC series)
A Novella by

♥Kindle Short Reads Less Plot More Spice♥

⚠Dubcon, violence, profanity, alpha-hole and abduction.⚠


When an old rival club takes things too far, as president it’s up to me to retaliate. What better way to humiliate a club than by stealing their princess? When the fiery princess arrives, she isn’t the spoiled little bitch I expected. The more she spits and hisses at me, the more I want to spank that peach-shaped ass she keeps flaunting at me.


Riding with my brothers one moment and taken by a rival club’s goons the next. Honestly, don’t these guys have anything better to do other than measure up their dicks? Reaper wants revenge for something I had no part in. The way he looks at me, I have to be on guard. The last thing I want to do is become a pawn or worse, fall for his bad-boy persona.

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