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The Pet Play Series: Boxset

(A book in the Pet Play series)
An omnibus of novels by

Pet Play Series Boxset

A Revised & Re-Edited Compilation

Aaron’s Pet

Aaron Lewis, a billionaire businessman, sees Willow and decides he wants her. When she not only refuses but insults him, he is furious. He lays out a trap forcing her to bend to his will. Five months of Willow being my little pet bitch will teach her the lesson she needs.

Willow Parker a barista in the city. It's a menial job, but it pays the bills. When she is propositioned by Aaron’s staff member, she is furious and rejects his offer of money and an illicit liaison. Now he is not only threatening her but with what she holds most dear to her heart. She just needs to survive five months with him...

Dr Dom’s Kitten

Dr Dominic King

Is a wealthy consultant who likes to give back to the community. He is an easygoing person and has met few people within his professional environment that he has any issues with. That is until a sassy receptionist joins the clinic he works at. She continues to disrespect him amongst his staff. After much deliberation, he takes action. Ella won’t be disobedient for much longer.

Ella Pearson

A new city and a fresh start. I got a job at my bestie’s clinic. It pays well, and I get to work with my closest friend. There is one Dr who seems to rub me up the wrong way. He expects everyone to fawn over him being a lead consultant. Within the limitations of my role, I poke as much fun at him as possible. Don’t judge me. It makes my day much more enjoyable. It all goes horribly wrong when he backs me into a corner.

Grayson’s Pony

Grayson Dalton

An aristocrat’s disowned son. He went on to own Club X simply in order to further humiliate his blue-blooded family name. What started off as a means to get back at his family became the country's most illustrious BDSM club. The lifestyle seems to be losing its appeal since his closest friends have found their permanent pets. When he finds out a journalist has evidence of a high profile client enjoying his club, he is on the hunt to find her before it’s too late.

Larisa Osei

Being a woman and working as a freelance journalist is a tough gig. So when I get into Club X after trying for over a year, I can’t believe who I see. This is the biggest scoop of my career. After I stopped laughing watching the footage, that is. I reach out to an editor I have worked with before and realise I have hit the jackpot with this story. Before I can submit the footage and story, a furious Grayson Dalton shows up at my door.

Graphic scenes and profanity. 18+ only

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