book cover of Dr Dom\'s Kitten

Dr Dom's Kitten

(The second book in the Pet Play series)
A Novella by

Kindle Short Reads ~ Less Plot More Spice

Dr Dom’s Kitten

⚠Kitten play, medical play, degradation, humiliation, no safe words, breeding and punishments.⚠

Dr Dominic King

Is a wealthy consultant who likes to give back to the community. He is an easy-going person and has met few people within his professional environment that he has any issues with. This is until a sassy receptionist joins the clinic he works at. She continues to disrespect him amongst his staff. After much deliberation, he takes action. Ella won’t be disobedient for much longer.

Ella Pearson

A new city and a new start. I got a job at my bestie’s clinic. It pays well and I get to work with my closest friend. There is one Dr who seems to rub me up the wrong way. He expects everyone to fawn over him being a lead consultant. Within the limitations of my role, I poke as much fun at him as I can. Don’t judge me, it makes my day much more enjoyable. It all goes horribly wrong when he backs me into a corner.

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