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The Lawman's Wife

(The third book in the Wives Tales series)
A novel by

In 2078, two years after the Tiberius Group's take over, women are adjusting to the new laws that make them virtual property of the men who marry them. Grace Maitland desperately needs to be bid on at the public auction to avoid losing her daughter Emma, the only thing that matters in her life. Interstellar Federal Lawman Jonathan Brent never expected to marry. However, seeing the troubled young woman who has haunted his many dreams up for bid at an auction makes him overrule his common sense. He buys a wife for the pittance of ten dollars. Having a ready-made family is surprisingly heartwarming after the life Jon has led, but Emma's biological father, a sexual vampire released from prison after the testimony of his only accuser Grace is overturned, now demands custody of a child he's never seen. Jonathan puts his impeccable Lawman's career at stake and goes on the run to protect Emma and keep Grace safe. Genre:  Erotic Futuristic  [contains graphic sexual content and adult language]
Length:  Novel (53,000 words)
FINALIST: 2006 Passionate Plume Finalist (Passionate Ink chapter of Romance Writers of America)

5 Stars/Hot: "The Lawman's Wife, book three of The Wives Tales, was well worth the wait. Ms. Santiago knows how to capture her readers and keep them entertained until the very last word and demanding more. Grace's character suffered a horrible sexual encounter when she was a teenager that left her emotional scared by sex. I enjoyed the way Grace was able to overcome the challenges that she had and was able to be a wonderful mother. There were times when Grace appeared to be naïve, but as I continued to read I noticed that she was doing everything to protect her child from harm--even appearing to be meek to the man she thought was her husband of convenience, Danny Cox. Jon was also a strong character overcoming his genetic enhancement received as a teenager, instead of turning into a sexual vampire he focused on keeping his sexual needs at bay with the help of medication. The sexual chemistry between Grace and Jon was sizzling from the moment they met in the elevator. Jon was aware of Grace's sexual history and didn't want to alarm her with his desire, but [imagine] his surprise when Grace turned into the sexual aggressor in their relationship. Just Smoking!!!! The action in the book was on point and well written. Nothing appeared to be out of place with this story. Bravo Ms. Santiago, for another job well done!" --LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Kisses: "Jon is a wonderful man, with a kind and caring heart. It doesn't hurt that he's also drop-dead gorgeous and sexy to boot! The manner in which he cares for Grace and Emma is sweet and will fill your heart with emotion. Grace has been through so much and her unwavering commitment to her daughter is beautiful while her own search for peace will pull at your heartstrings. The chemistry between Jon and Grace is undeniable and their love scenes are scorching. This latest installment of The Wives Tales is definitely the most intense and adds a good balance to the series. I definitely recommend reading The Lawman's Wife and feel that the entire The Wives Tales series should be on everyone's must-read list!" --Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

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